For over 4 generations, we specialize in growing ornamental, avenue and forest trees!
Our company focuses on business-to-business towards landscapers, replanters and other tree nurseries across Central Europe and Russia.

We invite you to come and pick out ‘your trees’


History, vision and mission

img 1The tree nursery Rahoens has been specializing in the cultivation of ornamental, avenue and forest trees, for decades now. The company grows about 50 not ennobled kinds of ornamental and avenue trees on 20 ha. The owner Michaël Rahoens, who learnt the profession from his grandfather is currently passing on the business to his sons Domien & Stijn. The use of state-of-the-art machinery and a customized management led to success on both national and international destinations. The nursery has become an important international supplier. Today a new marketing campaign has been worked out in order to cope with the high demand. For example, the beech trees on the world famous avenue in Paris, The Champs Elysées are supplied by Tree Nursery Rahoens.



Service and care


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Permanent mechanical cultivation techniques allow us to offer high quality straight trees with a nice crown, with bare roots as with nice fixed wire rootballs. Soil analysis executed on a yearly basis results in 100% healthy trees. We are located in the heart of the Flanders. We stand for:

- Fast delivery
- Flexibility related to mixed orders (you can come and pick out the trees you desire; this is our strength)
- Excellent references
- Handling with great care prior to loading and unloading